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Our goal is to provide high quality powder coating services at a reasonable price.  We specialize in motorcycle applications - not industrial or commercial.  This means that you can be assured that the level of detail will be second to none in restoring your parts to a like-new condition.  They will be ready to bolt back on as soon as you open the box - saving you time and effort.  The powders that are used are the best in the industry and OEM color matching is always the goal unless you specify otherwise.

About Tom’s

I started riding motorcycles only 12 years ago and am trying to make up for it by collecting and restoring old Hondas.  So far I have 6 of them ranging from a ’74 CB750 Four to an ’83 CB1100F Super Sport.  My first bike was an ’82 KZ440 that was totaled 2 weeks after I bought it.  Not willing to be left stranded, I rebuilt it from the frame up and was riding again within a few weeks.   I started powder coating my own parts in 2009 and have worked continuously to hone my craft.  When fellow Super Sport forum members saw pictures of my work, they began asking if I could do their parts as well.  Since then, I’ve done thousands of parts, big and small, and have many happy and satisfied customers.  My goal is to provide complete satisfaction and get a tremendous amount of pleasure from transforming  a peeling, corroded motorcycle part into one that looks brand-new again.   The feedback I’ve received has been extremely positive and “word of mouth” advertising has brought me lots of work.

The main focus of the business will remain with powder coating, but reproducing “no longer available”  parts is now a growing segment.  By working with a mechanical engineer with full CNC capabilities, I will continue to add to the portfolio of repros, focusing on parts that are needed to keep our bikes running.

As a motorcycle collector and restorer, I'm just as picky as you.  Rest assured that I will restore your components as if they were going back on one of my bikes.



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