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Component Powder Coating

  • Media blasting

  • Part Reproduction

  • CNC Services

  • Brake system restoration


I take great pride in providing high quality powder coating services at a reasonable price. I specialize in motorcycle applications - not industrial or commercial.  This means that you can be assured that the level of detail will be second to none in restoring your parts to a like-new condition.  They will be ready to bolt back on as soon as you open the box - saving you time and effort.  The powders that are used are the best in the industry and OEM color matching is always the goal unless you specify otherwise.

Component Powder Coating

I’ve powder coated thousands of parts, big and small, and have many happy and satisfied customers.  My goal is to provide complete satisfaction and I get a tremendous amount of pleasure from transforming a peeling, corroded part into one that looks brand-new again. 

Front wheel right side.jpeg
Marzocchi Shock Body.JPG

Check Out My How-To Videos

Motorcycle Fork Seal Removal

And Replacement

Front Master Cylinder Disassembly

and Rebuild Procedure

My intent is to provide clear, simple instructions for some of the most common motorcycle repairs.  The viewer will find that no special or expensive tools are needed.

Tom's Projects

1975 CB360T Complete Right Side 01.jpg

1975 Honda CB360T


Click here for a glimpse of what I’ve been up to for the past few years.

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